Last revised: November 20, 2021



The issuer of the Cryptoactives is solely responsible for the content of this offer, pre-sale or ICO and/or the issuance of Evulus Tokens. This has not been reviewed or approved by any competent authority based on the laws of the Dominican Republic.

The products that are described on the Evulus website, in the different sections of the website and in any offer that can be seen in the media that the company, or the user or users, have chosen to use, or in this document expressly, may be of very high risk, even loss of the total amount contributed.

The Platform or the Evulus website ( is necessary to access the Tokens, unless in some previous access you have configured the ICO wallet, which is where you will receive the tokens you have acquired, according to the different options of purchases or the different alternative routes before being an asset of public access in the Exchanges. Consequently, the loss of access to the Evulus Platform will result in the loss of said Tokens. Additionally, any third party that gains access to the Evulus Platform, including through access to login credentials, may be able to misappropriate your Tokens.

Any errors or malfunctions caused by or related to the Evulus Platform, including your failure to maintain or use it properly, may also result in the loss of your Tokens. The Tokens that can be acquired will not be guarded by entities legally authorized to provide investment services and the registration technology that is planned to be used (BlockChain) is new and may entail significant risks.

It is important to note that you and you alone are responsible for applying all necessary measures to secure your Tokens and the means used to access them. Evulus enables guides, texts, tutorials and other methods to teach how to use them, but it is not the company’s duty or obligation to teach one, several or all in this regard.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Disclaimer, the Company shall not be liable for any damages, losses, costs, penalties, fines or expenses arising out of or related to your failure to apply all necessary measures to protect the Tokens or the means used to access or use them.